Ficha Técnica

Art Design for the CD of the music group KUVE
Editorial: Sony BMG

“Regresión” is the title of the album, that the music group KUVE, launches as its presentation in the music field.

The title page works in diagonal in the square format with three elements over a white background.

1) Texts: Because the word regression means something related with looking back, coming back and talking about those things already happened, both words “KUVE” and “Regresión” have the last letter flipped as they are playing with this meaning. They are printed just in black with a clear font trying to avoid any other meaning.

2) Planet: The KUVE-world is the concept of the whole Art Design for the CD. The 16 pages booklet that is inside it, is inhabited by people in two different scales. It is interesting for us the reference of the Fraggel Rock show, where inside this world there were two different sizes of characters: the Fraggel and the small Doozers. This magic simbiosis between them is used in the Art Design so we can find big blue creatures inhabiting with small little people that interact with them in a kind of strangely accepted relationship.

Every song has an illustration and every lyric is composed in a single page with its drawing.

The union between them, tries to create a trip inside the KUVE world without being a direct translation of the lyric and being opened enough for the listener to introduce himself or herself into this world.

This album is the birth of this music group, so the choosen drawing for the front page is a kind of planet with a embryo inside it with two umbilical cords. The meaning of the two umbilical cords is related with connection, sensitivity, chance, luck, fate, fortune …

The ring of this planet is made out of people having sex. Because in the end sex is all around (as Freud might say), because sex and music are inseparable, and because the sensuality that the KUVE songs emanates had to be represented in its front page. The size and the technique used to represent this big moving floating orgy is sufficiently restrained to be acceptable to all audience. In the end it has to be on the main department stores’ shelves.

3) The last element of this three elements diagonal are the two musicians. This CD is their presentation so they are in their front page. The main feature is that this drawing is undecorated, unadorned, without superfluous elements that aren´t really personal, just close and sincere but without losing the deep hue of his own nocturnal lifestyle. For that reason they are drawn with pure calligraphy black ink. Clean and clear, between naif and rough.


Credits: Carlos García González