Dear Mirror


Dear Mirror

Data sheet: This indoor installation was defined by a mirror, glass surface, white ceramic tiles walls, black light and fluorescent paintings.

5th and 6th of May, 2012

8th edition of the Art Festival “Los artistas del barrio de Lavapiés y La Latina”, Madrid

The effect of the fluorescent paint under the black light is that the paint pump out from the paper. This fact is amplified by the presence of a big mirror and a glass vertical surface, because the paintings are pasted on the glass, on the mirror and on the ceramic walls. The glass and the mirror have at the same time some fluorescent motives on them.
The result is to enter in a space in which the paint leaves the physical support creating a sort of painting space, floating in the air, because the visitor can´t distinguish whether the paint is on glass, on mirror or on the wall.
This enjoyable confusion space of fluorescent paint was part of the Art Festival ‘Los artistas del barrio de La Latina y Lavapiés’ and was reported by the TV news of TeleMadrid.


Credits: Carlos García González