Fairytale about the Capital of the Ceramic Materials’ Ego

This capital is devoted to the artificial conception and accelerated birth of theories, interpretations, mental constructions, proposals and their infliction on the Ceramic World. It will be the Capital of the Ceramic Materials’ Ego, where science, art, poetry and forms of madness will compete under ideal conditions to invent, destroy and restore the world of phenomenal Ceramic Reality.

Each Science, Style or Mania will have its own plot. This plots are distributed in horizontal bands across the site, creating a continuous atmosphere in its length and perpendicular, rapid change in experience. The major programmatic component, the bus stop area, the café area and the green areas are separated mathematically along the square creating a performance and a phenomenal experience along the whole area. Each plot is named like a square itself, creating a kind ofendless concept of square inside a square.

The proposed project is not for a definitive plaza, but for a method that – combining programmatic instability with architectural specificity – will eventually generate the big plaza in Santander.

The more than 200 companies that make Hispalyt will wish to finance a part of this big plaza,  because everyone will want to be part of the new Capital of the Ceramic Material´s Ego. Indeed the lucky companies that would get the admission to give money for the construction of this new Capital will have a remembrance plaque on site with its name, and they will be proud of this participation including this fact in all its marketing campaigns and will thank the architects for the rest of their lives for having conceived the Capital of the Ceramic Material´s Ego.

A jury of citizens and philosophers from Santander will be set up. They will be in charge of pointing the less successful plots and their criteria will be use in order to released a competition every 3 years. Those plots will be redesign through this competition in which the more than 200 companies of Hispalyt, will have another opportunity of being part of this Capital and will ‘kill’ to win one of them using even the most prohibited procedures like bribery, fraud, assault, extorsion…anything to influence the jury’s decision.