Things have aura when they are able to return the gaze to who’s watching them.

Aura is a series of 13 portraits of key people from the author’s fantasized biography. That biography that isn´t public but very real, secret and unobservable, that constitutes our intimacy and our dreams. In the portraits, the characters are immersed in a moment of change, in a turning point of their own life, at the boundary between a before and an after of some important moment that will come an improvement, an apprenticeship, a fear, an illusion, a decision, a surprise… those moment in which they emit an aura while breaking from within, cracking their textures in different ways according to their nature, their rigidity and their emotion. But the aura is not represented in any painting, leaving to the viewer the ability to imagine it. To see the aura is to see the process of the object, it is the hesitation, the specter of the making embedded in it.